A bilingual profile with English and Swedish

Olympen Schools and Preschools offer bilingual preschools with English and Swedish. Learning languages early on will be an advantage in our global world where cultures and languages blend in a beautiful mix. Recent studies also indicate that the best time for a child to learn another language is in the first three to four years of life. Olympen Schools and Preschools offer English and Swedish. 

Olympen Schools and Preschools are independent schools that were founded  in1994. Over the years, we have consistently been running our schools and preschools with the profile Learning by Moving. Every day at preschool, school and after leisure time centers we offer movement such as dance, yoga, gymnastics and soccer. Olympen also offer classes with the profile Dance or Soccer from grade 4 and up.


Health is also an important area for Olympen Schools and Preschools. Our own chefs carefully select the primary produce for the home-made meals at school and preschool, and we include organic produce as often as possible. Sugar, prefabricated food and preservatives are avoided.

Our bilingual profile is fully carried out in our preschools with the preschool curriculum. Some groups are bilingual, with part of the staff having English as their mother tongue. In our Swedish groups, staff introduce the children to playful English, using music and rhymes with numbers, weekdays and the alphabeth in English as well as themes during the year